01 . My passion for computers

My first job was in Shkozet and then in the Durres Water Company - being part of the World Bank water supply rehabilitation project. In 1998, I established Smart Center dedicated to professional trainings. My studies and my passion for education and computer engineering, led me to develop Smart Center, in order to help both education and technology fields.

How it started?

Due to my academic career and my passion for technology, I had the idea of establishing a "mini-school" that would help people gain knowledge useful for labor market.

About Smart Center
Training - Recruiting - Web developing

Smart Center offers a lot of courses and professional trainings in different fields, mainly information technology and business. It contributes in youth education and help them gain knowledge and practice to be prepared for labor market.

As a recruiting agency, Smart Center is the place where businesses meet job seekers. We offer a professional service and you can easily be employed through our employment portal.

We create your online presence with the lowest prices in the industry. Amazing designs. Great customer service. Designs on time.


  • - Masterful Leadership
  • - Exceptional Customer Relationships
  • - Great Employee Relationships
  • - Quality Service
  • - Interaction web design
  • - Creative front end
  • - Accurate coding (development)
  • - Content strategy