Dr.Ing. Alma Deda Stana studied at the University of Tirana for Electronic Engineering in 1986 and then specialized in Informatics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

She firstly worked in Shkozet and then in the Durres Water Company - part of the World Bank water supply rehabilitation project. In 1998 she left the public sector and established the Electron course center, later Comnet where she debuted in the computerization of many businesses and institutions.

Since 2006 Alma Stana joined the newest academic project at the University "Aleksander Moisiu" Durres as a lecturer with the degree of Doctor of Science in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Information Technology. Alma Stana is active in many projects of the city and various associations, developing a social activity to help the community by being announced "Honor of Work" by Durres Municipality.

She currently manages Smart Center, collaborating with the staff with professionalism and vision, contributing to the professional training of children and young people who find a hearth of knowledge that helps them a lot in the labor market.

Papers and Books

With my students

With my colleagues

Contribution in Startups & Innovation

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Alma has always supported and collaborated with students to help them with their startup projects.

As a lecturer at Information Technology Faculty, Alma has been teaching many courses and contributed in startups & innovation development by supporting students in their projects.

Example of a successful project of her students: http://fatjona.travels.al/

Social Contribution

Alma has always helped the community, by giving her contribute to all groups, especially to young people and students, by helping them to get employed and develop their career.

They can also apply at: https://smartcenterdr.com/punesim/